Weekly Review Dec28
searchlight | 12/29/2019

NEW RUSSIAN WEAPON – Hypersonic deployed. SPOTIFY TIGHTENS ADS – Pauses political advertising. PARTY BACKS NETANYAHU – Israeli PM's fight to remain in office.

Australian Racism
Ava Kalinauskas | 12/28/2019

Conversations about origin raised more questions than answers for me. Clearly, white Australia’s black history cannot be ignored, as I have carried with me feelings of national guilt and shame...

Female Revolution
Aya Goraieb | 12/27/2019

I am not a writer, not a scholar, not even a student: I am a Lebanese woman. This text is an ode to all the Lebanese women of this revolution,...

Weekly Review Dec21
searchlight | 12/26/2019

AUSTRALIAN BRUSH FIRES – Two billion indigenous animals have died. A NEW LEBANESE PM – A professor at American U. Beruit... IMPEACHMENT ARTICLES – Trial looms.

Weekly Review Dec14
searchlight | 12/20/2019

A LANDSLIDE TORY VICTORY – Sweeps British elections. McCONNELL BLATANTLY BIASED – In lockstep with Trump. TURKISH PARTY SPLIT – Open challenge to President Erdogan.

Weekly Review Dec 7
searchlight | 12/10/2019

PRESIDENTIAL OBSESSIONS – Risks impeachment for obsession. FRENCH PROTEST PENSIONS – Do everything with passion. NAVAL BASE SHOOTINGS – Started by Saudi military pilot.

Artists & Women
S.R. Landon | 12/08/2019

Some artists have a strong social voice that speaks out about the times. It clearly needs to be heard. More than a century before the Me Too Movement took hold,...

Weekly Review Nov 30
searchlight | 12/05/2019

TALIBAN TALKS TO RESUME – Preliminary negotiations progressing. CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE – Ukraine now a household name. IRAQI PM RESIGNS – Middle East protests continue.