Afghan Withdrawal
Elijah Glantz | 08/07/2021

The American War in Afghanistan, American president Joe Biden announced, would conclude on September 11th, 2021 - the twentieth anniversary of the catalyst of the Afghan War, September 11th, 2001.

Nelson’s Journey
Elijah Glantz | 02/05/2021

When I got to know him, I was shocked to find out this inconspicuous looking young man in his mid-thirties working in the healthcare industry had served 17 years in...

U.S. Russia 2021
Elijah Glantz | 01/05/2021

Russo-American relations will likely sour under the incoming Biden administration. ‘Good’ or ‘improved’ relations with the Russian Federation may not be in the United States’ best interest.

Digital Darkness
Elijah Glantz | 12/29/2020

In mid-December, one of America’s largest hacks on record occurred . The U.S. Treasury and Department of Defense reported an attack-of-unknown-magnitude on their servers and data centers.

Coral Dilemma
Elijah Glantz | 11/15/2020

Fiery Cross Island, a manmade outpost in the South China Sea, serves as home to a complex military installation with high-end radar and missile defense systems and a small platoon...

Foreign Relations – E.U.
Elijah Glantz | 09/27/2020

Since George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq, relations have been strained between the historic NATO allies. The U.S. and her European partners are at odds over most items on their...

Covid Wealth Inequality
Elijah Glantz | 09/24/2020

As the millions of people worldwide struggle in a pandemic stricken world, massive wealth gains for a select few billionaires, primarily through increased value of their companies, is a painful...

Atlantic Alliance
Elijah Glantz | 09/01/2020

As we enter the 2020’s, the animosity filled facade of NATO, in its 70th anniversary, might not tell the full story.  Rather, joint technological projects and military operations have become...

Year of the Bubble
Elijah Glantz | 09/01/2020

July 30th, the NBA restarted in a “bubble” in ESPN’s center at Disney World in Orlando, FL. Despite this being the national epicenter of the pandemic, the NBA completed the...

Housing Inequality
Elijah Glantz | 08/04/2020

Without inherited wealth, access to opportunity and right to move into thriving, more stable neighborhoods, Black wealth has remained abysmally low. Renting was rarely a choice, rather the only viable...