our 2020 favorites
various | 12/26/2020

Our editors found R.B.G. A TRIBUTE, POVs BIENVENUE and DREAM OR ILLUSION particularly worthy of revisiting. Each article reflects a fresh view of events, perspectives and/or opinion.

Black Solidarity
Runnie Exuma | 11/14/2020

To drink from the plastic bag, it meant to put its tip to my mouth, bring my two front teeth to bite. Then to face its test of gravity meant...

Shattered Lens
S.R. Landon | 11/11/2020

A trail of fresh impressions scar the ash.  Two sets of footprints – one female, one male.  Ginny and I, the only two humans. Not another anywhere. Blood drips from a...

Expansion Is Oppression
Niki Monazzam | 10/20/2020

The documentary, The 13th, explores the roots and expansion of the American prison system that has become a tool of systemic racism, particularly in how it relates to the oppression...

Michelle Brucker | 09/29/2020

The late Ruth Bader Ginsburg's efforts helped recognize pregnancy discrimination in the workplace, which in turn led to the implementation of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act.

Dream Or Illusion
S.R. Landon | 09/25/2020

“Is the American Dream at the expense of the American Negro?” 55 years after James Baldwin’s historic Cambridge address, the issue still remains. We ask: can racism ever become a...

Fascism U.S.A.
S.R. Landon | 09/25/2020

"Americans approved of fascism... and would do so again." Now, we withstand an onslaught of truly “fake news”. Too bad many 100% legit articles get falsely branded the same way....

Covid Wealth Inequality
Elijah Glantz | 09/24/2020

As the millions of people worldwide struggle in a pandemic stricken world, massive wealth gains for a select few billionaires, primarily through increased value of their companies, is a painful...

Year of the Bubble
Elijah Glantz | 09/01/2020

July 30th, the NBA restarted in a “bubble” in ESPN’s center at Disney World in Orlando, FL. Despite this being the national epicenter of the pandemic, the NBA completed the...

Decolonizing Curricula
Alice Derieux Chagnard | 08/05/2020

Our current education system is broken... Under the veil of patriotism, we fail to see the violent consequences of the whitewashed dominant narrative which has embedded itself within our scholarly...