Hate Crime Epidemic
Caroline Levin | 09/26/2019

Although times have changed, the underlying philosophical thread that serves to assume we hate because we fear or because we believe to be victims of our own version of history...

Weekly Review Sep 21
searchlight | 09/21/2019

GRETA T. TO CONGRESS – "Listen to the scientists!" WHERE ARE THE BIRDS? – Many species threatened by extinction. "FRIENDS" AT 25! – The '90s still going strong.

American Education
Gabriel Borsuk | 09/17/2019

The American education system fails to ensure academic achievement in comparison to other major nations in the world... Among the 35 members of the OECD, the U.S. ranked 30th in math... 

Weekly Review Sep 14
searchlight | 09/15/2019

SAUDI REFINERIES HIT – Major damage. PROTESTS PAUSE, HONOR 9/11 – HK takes a 24-hour break. BRAZILIAN FIRES, AMAZON MURDER – Protector of indigenous killed.

Why Abortion is…
Isabella Ranzlov | 09/08/2019

People are taught that everyone needs a little space every now and then, but lately, they have taken it upon themselves to insert their opinion – and their nose –...