Only Myself, That Is All



It was two years ago, and as I was about to leave for class, my gaze got caught in the reflection of the glass door beside me. As I stared, so did she. She loves walking through autumn leaves like I do. She loves lighting a scented candle like I do. She loves eating raspberries on rainy days like I do. But yet, the girl didn’t look like me, though she is supposed to.


This is because knowing yourself is not about skimming the surface of your personality, it is about delving much deeper. It is about understanding your vulnerabilities and insecurities, what makes your eyes glisten and what breaks you, understanding your limitations, where they stem from, how to handle and control them.
But what does it candidly mean to know yourself? At the beginning of your childhood, you see yourself as quick-witted, someone who can outwit, and as a result operate, anyone and anything. However, as you grow older, you look back at your unripe and childish self to acknowledge that you feel out of place now wherever you go, proving to show that you are digging into your character.

And now, today, you look at yourself once again in the reflection of your mirror only to accept that you have a more honest idea of who you are, that you understand that there is a constantly developing world out there that is too big for you to fully grasp, and that the only thing that can remain constant within all that is yourself.


Appreciate how you think and feel

You could think of introspection, contemplation and self-reflection. You might expect to know yourself when in reality you simply do not. Self-discovery empowers you to furthermore understand your unique qualities as well as identify where you would like to make improvements. It is the first step to setting goals. First, you must appreciate how you think and get a sense of your emotions. Second, you need to justify a crystal clear idea of your goals. Third, you should outline your limitations, imperfections, and your strengths. Lastly, you ought to tackle your fears and doubts. You must convey outstanding honesty with your personality and mind, as they must present the same self-respect for you.


Achieving self-knowing is something that young adults must ask themselves today. Asking yourself who you are, and what you care about can change everything and engender emotional intelligence. When you truly know yourself, you will realize that life itself can become so simplistic when you are authentic about your answers. You must come to terms with the fact that knowing yourself is the first step to take before expanding out and finding a place for yourself, a place in which you can feel not as left out as you felt before. I see this as an accomplishment, the dash symbolizing a pause before a new beginning.


We exist in such a big world, a world in which there is so much to learn, so much to understand, to a point where it can feel overwhelming and suffocating to acknowledge that there is not enough time to discover it all. The beauty that comes with knowing yourself however, is realizing that you do not need to know it all, because it all does not interest you in the same way.

Some things will have more of an impact on you than others, some will allow you to experience more concrete feelings, and those are the ones to focus on. To me, knowing yourself is about about finding your moment walking through the autumn leaves, in smelling your new candle, in the first raspberry you eat on a rainy day, and more.

About the Article

A reflective glance at how I might imagine seeing myself.

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