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Bolivian Election

Rural Bolivia is primarily inhabited by an indigenous population. After Evo Morales, Bolivia’s first indigenous president was overthrown, a vicious conflict erupted throughout the country...

Weekly Review Oct 19

ZEROING IN ON IMPEACHMENT – Soon to be a reality. CORAL BEWARE – Ocean acidification strikes hard.  ISRAEL LACKS COALITION – Is Netanyahu era soon expiring?

No Allies, No Friends

Today’s post-WWII world was built on a cornerstone of defense treaties and free-trade pacts.  Strength grew from alliances for common goals.  It has been quite reckless to cast all this aside...

Weekly Review Oct 12

KURD ALLIES LEFT FOR SLAUGHTER – Attacked by invading Turks. BIRDS BYE BYE – Two-thirds from North American risk extinction. BREXIT: TICKING - Moment is slipping away.

Columbine Revisited

Twenty years, four months, and twenty-five days ago, a tragedy occurred. Our country watched in horror, as fifteen people died and twenty-four were wounded. Everyone's life was in shambles...

Save The Endangered

The Endangered Species Act not only protects nature but helps nurture threatened species.  But the current administration has begun to strip away protection for so many incredible forms of life...

Weekly Review Oct 5

IMPEACHMENT #3 – Were foreign powers invited to influence our election. BRIE & BORDEAUX – Trade Wars, chapter 2. BREXIT EVER CLOSER? - Boris Johnson's 11th hour proposal.

Weekly Review Sep 28

INQUIRY BEGINS – Did Trump collaborate with Ukraine? MARCH IN CANADA – Greta tells Trudeau he can do more. BREXIT CHAOS - Johnson defiant despite Supreme Court decision.

Hate Crime Epidemic

Although times have changed, the underlying philosophical thread that serves to assume we hate because we fear or because we believe to be victims of our own version of history remains timeless...

Weekly Review Sep 21

GRETA T. TO CONGRESS – "Listen to the scientists!" WHERE ARE THE BIRDS? – Many species threatened by extinction. "FRIENDS" AT 25! – The '90s still going strong.

American Education

The American education system fails to ensure academic achievement in comparison to other major nations in the world... Among the 35 members of the OECD, the U.S. ranked 30th in math... 

Climate Crisis 451

Europe's all-time temperatures have peaked across France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. Yet, despite this concrete evidence, the aid to fight against climate change remains infrequent and scarce...