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Weekly Review Jan4

U.S. CHALLENGES IRAN - Missiles take out Gen. Soleimani. AUSTRALIAN FIRES BLAZE – Disaster worsens. People fleeing en mass. NORTH KOREA MISSILES – Kim ends voluntary test ban.

Weekly Review Dec28

NEW RUSSIAN WEAPON – Hypersonic deployed. SPOTIFY TIGHTENS ADS – Pauses political advertising. PARTY BACKS NETANYAHU – Israeli PM's fight to remain in office.

Australian Racism

Conversations about origin raised more questions than answers for me. Clearly, white Australia’s black history cannot be ignored, as I have carried with me feelings of national guilt and shame...

Female Revolution

I am not a writer, not a scholar, not even a student: I am a Lebanese woman. This text is an ode to all the Lebanese women of this revolution, and all women who have ever been part of a revolution. This is for you...

Weekly Review Dec21

AUSTRALIAN BRUSH FIRES – Two billion indigenous animals have died. A NEW LEBANESE PM – A professor at American U. Beruit... IMPEACHMENT ARTICLES – Trial looms.

Weekly Review Dec14

A LANDSLIDE TORY VICTORY – Sweeps British elections. McCONNELL BLATANTLY BIASED – In lockstep with Trump. TURKISH PARTY SPLIT – Open challenge to President Erdogan.

Weekly Review Dec 7

PRESIDENTIAL OBSESSIONS – Risks impeachment for obsession. FRENCH PROTEST PENSIONS – Do everything with passion. NAVAL BASE SHOOTINGS – Started by Saudi military pilot.

Artists & Women

Some artists have a strong social voice that speaks out about the times. It clearly needs to be heard. More than a century before the Me Too Movement took hold, long before first-rate investigative reporting existed...

Weekly Review Nov 30

TALIBAN TALKS TO RESUME – Preliminary negotiations progressing. CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE – Ukraine now a household name. IRAQI PM RESIGNS – Middle East protests continue.

Weekly Review Nov 23

FACEBOOK’S INTEGRITY? – Sasha Baron Cohen says it’d take ads from Hitler. QUID PRO QUO – Impeachment inquiry establishes facts. BOLIVIAN VIOLENCE – Post-election scene turns gruesome.

1960s Are Today

In the 1960s, from Paris to Prague, Woodstock to the Isle of Wight, young people spoke out in protest.  Today's students are again a significant force.  Their resources must be acknowledged...

Arctic Alert

A new invasion now threatens this sparsely populated land.  Those hungry for its wealth of minerals, tempted by fossil fuel or seeking strategic access for shipping and polar defense are all eager to rush in...