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“I do” or don’t – pt.2

Marriage is a celebration of love and a signaling to others the pretense of committing yourself to someone emotionally for a significant period of time both before and after the actual ceremony. 

“I do” or don’t – pt.1

Western marriage is no longer seen as a political economic and social contract binding two families. (Although choosing a partner for economic and cultural capital remains pertinent).

Backstage Live

A tense conversation breaks the silence. In a darkened theatre only two people can be heard on stage, but no one is seen. Not Jerry Graham – a part-time observer nor Rick Corey – forever the participant.

Stuck At Home

When the pandemic erupted last year, concerns about homeless vulnerability to the virus were severely debated. Another worry was raised when the stay-at-home order was sanctioned. 

Sleight of Mind

We are stranded. Lost in time.  Between a future then and a present now.  Limited sensory perception.  No ESP.  Real or imagined. Faces flash by.  Expressions in flux. Memories scrambled.

Sexual Abuse? – Intro

So often a seemingly innocent flirtation proceeds without encouragement. Until the scenario changes. The mood darkens. Communication ceases. And one suddenly faces unwelcome abuse.

Sexual Abuse? – pt4

I have never been a victim of any type of sexual violence. Many of my friends are actually subjected to street harassment on a daily basis. This type of aggression has almost been trivialized and it is unbearable.

Sexual Abuse? – pt3

Plenty of girls have not taken legal and/or public action concerning sexual aggression or abuse they encountered in France. They are hesitant because we treat those whole experiences quite badly.

Sexual Abuse? – pt2

In France, many movements, thanks to social medias and feminist associations, have legitimized the speech of victims and expanded the people's understanding of sexual assaults.

Sexual Abuse? – pt1

I never personally had to seek justice but have heard from friends about violence to which they were exposed. Some got harassed, grabbed without consent or in the worst cases, raped.

Nelson’s Journey

When I got to know him, I was shocked to find out this inconspicuous looking young man in his mid-thirties working in the healthcare industry had served 17 years in prison for felony aggravated manslaughter.

Beyond 2020 pt7– U.S.

I think how lucky I am to be a college student with only those responsibilities to think of. There are front line hospital workers and essentials businesses risking their lives every day.