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Racism pt9– US/Italy

We have more people that are anti-racist than ever before. They are educating themselves and willing to learn. Here, in Italy, it's fairly similar. People are shocked by what they are seeing in the US.

Racism pt8– Mauritius

We are brought up to respect each other and live without conflict. Racism was discussed broadly at school but with the majority of people looking like each other it was never really an issue.

Atlantic Alliance

As we enter the 2020’s, the animosity filled facade of NATO, in its 70th anniversary, might not tell the full story.  Rather, joint technological projects and military operations have become a mainstay in the alliance.

Racism pt7– Norway

"There is increasing opportunity for immigrants of color to pursue their dreams and make a contribution to one of the countries with the world’s highest achievement of equality and individual freedom."

Year of the Bubble

July 30th, the NBA restarted in a “bubble” in ESPN’s center at Disney World in Orlando, FL. Despite this being the national epicenter of the pandemic, the NBA completed the season and began the playoffs.

Racism pt6– Canada

As a mixed-race kid, I always had more privilege than my mom but not the same respect as my dad. I was deemed to be light enough to pass as exotic or even to embody a trend but too dark to be accepted fully.

Voter Suppression

The issue of voter suppression is one that lacks attention in the US, largely due to the fact that it’s sneaky and goes unnoticed. Voter suppression impacts Black Americans more than any other group...

Racism pt5– Senegal

In Senegal, we were taught about racism. We knew it existed. However, we thought racism as something distant that existed in Europe and was done by white people against immigrants. It never was something local.

Racism pt4– Fr. Guiana

In times of the pandemic, the main preoccupation in French Guiana is the reducing of the spread. I strongly believe that to solve a problem implies to recognize its very existence.


The small green bottle circled around, clanging against the prop-up breakfast-in-bed type table, which he’d set up next to his relatively inert and positively relaxed body. He was not exactly sprawled...

Racism – Intro

Racism is often perceived as a problem confined to the U.S. The repercussions of slavery in this country have been witnessed though an evolving light, generation after generation.

Racism pt3– U.K.

I felt that being black was just my “flaw”... similar to someone being picked on because they were overweight. My school, however, did raise awareness and I finally came to realize this was actually racism as I got older.