Stop The Count


Election challengers shout “Stop the count” as poll workers count absentee ballots in #Detroit, Michigan in the 2020 general election @washingtonpost #Election2020

You say

Stop the count

of leaves in snow.

Stop the count 

of sunbeams

off the unfrozen river.

It is still autumn, 

you fear what comes next.


Stop the count

of the dead

and leave them in the street.

Stop the count

of the entry and exit wounds.

There is no gun 

without a hand to hold it.



you have willed yourself blind,

you have walked out

to meet your own tragedy.

Each violence you commit

lands on your own body

like so many snowflakes 

on the skin.


Raise your eyes,

see the path home, 

count every step back.

A new year is coming,

there is time to heal.


About the Article

A reflective look at baseless claims calling for a recount.

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