what we do


Swoppt is a digital magazine – an outlet for Generation Z to express their views on subjects you find we don’t speak enough about.


Be it through op/eds, essays, creative pieces …  Swoppt provides a platform for you to write about anything from the political to the social to the cultural and even to the miscellaneous. Compare it to a digital version of a Parisian salon in the 1920s: people coming in and out with thoughts they’d like to share.


A focal series on Swoppt: every other week we choose a theme to discuss — from Black Lives Matter’s transatlantic impact, to the 21st century relevance of patriotism, to whether we care for marriage. The same set of half-a-dozen or so questions are asked to a handful of people all coming from different cultural backgrounds and upbringings.  The purpose is black on white: exchange point of views. Speak your mind on the matter and listen to someone else’s— step outside the echo chamber.

With Swoppt, you’ll discover writing’s impact. Listen to our contributors’ distinctive voices and see how they might leave the world around you looking a little different.