about our site 

Swoppt  is a new digital publication that explores a diversity of cultures as seen by Gen Zers throughout the world.  Our diverse readership shares these observations, experiences and points of views as, through the influence of a tapestry of underlying thoughts, it explores a web of reasons as to why and how various people and places have evolved to formulate a fresh outlook.


Places offers a current insight into a land, where the author of an article either was born, grew up, made an extended visit or now lives.

Faces, in contrast, introduces us to a handful of usually unobtrusive, yet quite remarkable individuals whom our contributors have encountered along the way. 


Be it through essays, op/eds, photographs, podcasts, videos, creative pieces or designs, Swoppt provides a platform for free expression. Join us at the far-flung places we’ve visited.  Behold the distinctive faces we’ve beheld.  We share selective insights about anything creative, cultural, political or social. Our goal to recognize the cohesion of observations that, at first, may appear quite random – perceptions seemingly unrelated. We encourage discovery of both past and future.  Close your eyes and compare our site to a digital version of a Parisian literary salon a hundred years ago in the 1920s.  See all the people who wander in and out and in again. Pick up a handful of the awakening thoughts they’d like to share and share your own.


At Swoppt, you embark on a journey.  Pursue the direction such words and images may lead. Listen to the distinctive voices of our contributors.  Allow them to awaken your taste, your sight and all your senses.  Contemplate how they might affect the future of the world around us.  And consider how objectively you may view everything tomorrow.