where, when, why?

Two attractive women stood strategically positioned near the bar. I was curious as to what they were saying. But the digital background wailed at full volume and I couldn't catch a word.

Montreal ’20+’22

Well, Super Sexe burned down and the tattoo parlour on Ontario Street, where I got my ears pierced, is gone. They refurbished the charm out of the Snowdon Theatre and made it into condos.

Xu from Laos

I’m the type of person that enjoys developing familiarity more so than checking off the bucket list of one-time experience at every chance I get. My subconscious goal is to become a local of this given place.

Bush Canteen

When I arrived in Ghana, I was told about a good place to eat on campus between the fire station and the music department.  There, you can find your favorite dishes for a cheap price and a calm, pleasant atmosphere.

Bongiorno Singapore

As a European, I grew up with the understanding that the government guided my choices in subtle ways. This influence was always confined to the social sphere and the relations between human beings.

Between The Waves

I knew Eddie from my years in Laguna Beach.  We’d see each other around town but never really connected.  We both sought an escape and the ocean provided just that. 

Mummy’s Duties

My approach is that the responsibility of the Feminist is to maintain and advance the fight of those before us –to continue writing, marching, and arguing for our movement.

Love Letter to Belleville

Voilà — the musky paint drenched face to the magically colorful place. Rive droite in all its glory. (The photographed Belleville telling to accompany the written tale).

Facing Angelo

Encounter an array of assorted faces and images of Angelo seated at Caffé Strada, writing at a desk in the U.C. Berkeley library, ascending the stairs and walking around on the campus.

Ode to Angelo

Angelo, with his Freudian jaw, pensive/ wisely aged eyes, vibrantly silver hair, could strike you as a Steve McCurry muse – if the famed photographer should ever have ventured to Berkeley.

The Strada Men

I am at Strada every day – Strada being a café near UC Berkeley, situated at the crossing of Bancroft and University, a corner that transitions you from frat-housing to “public” academic grind.

Faces/Places – An Intro

I am a die-hard Anthony Bourdain (Parts Unknown) fan who seeks to portray the grander truth of our world via the storytelling of charm, warmth, and nuance in every culture/ location encounter.