This is: Vũ Trụ!

Motorbikes slalom between fresh flashy cars. Local vendors sell along the curbside of supermarkets and shopping malls.  Quaint narrow streets are adorned with bold-lettered acronyms and neon lights.

Fomenting Focus

Battered by a swarm of involuntary memories, my mind swats about frantically. It searches for the reason. A solid one. A conceivable one.  Reminding myself, life alone is but one small fragment of a puzzle.

Hanoi in the 2020s

The city is in incessant movement. Literally: the vehicles do not stop. They slow, they honk, they swerve.  They keep moving forward regardless of the obstacle.  I was instantly drawn to the movement.

Decisions / Choices

My contemporaries and I had to select a major prior to the start of our freshman year at college.   My daughter’s generation, the Gen Zers, went a step further, in promoting their own point of view.


Time never rests. We sleep, it doesn't. Its readout varies. With where we are. The images we see one moment are totally dependent on our state of mind. On what we're thinking. Mustn't ever be taken for granted.

L?A?L?A? Land: An Intro

Los Angeles is beautiful to those who have the patience to see it as such... You will find that the urban suburb is checkered with pockets of utmost color, care and soul – a riddle through and through.

An Ode to 3A

Identity in Quebec remains a very touchy subject and much of it has to do with fitting in with language. I fit right in. Forty-eight are spoken in the small area that I currently call Home. 

Through Amy’s Lens

My first memory of my being interested in photography dates back to years ago. I think I was 6 or 7 using a Hello Kitty film camera taking photos of friends, family, and scenery throughout Dakar.

Walking in Reims

Having lived in big cities my whole life, the transition was conceptually difficult. With a population of just under 185,000, about a tenth of that of Montreal, Reims felt tiny. I don’t think I ever adjusted to its size.

Costa Brava

Driving from historic Ronda to Almeria, Martina and I retrace one path of the 1930s Spanish Civil War. Then, at Mojácar, we barely elude a near fatal flash flood as it roars down the mountain.

Grasping Goya

Attributed to Francisco Goya's late black period, 'Pinturas Negras' fourteen (or fifteen?) works in oil are some of the most powerful ever.  Bleak, brilliant and intense, they hang in the Prado Museum in Madrid.

Preferably Portugal

Today, Portugal has become an extremely popular destination for American expats. The mild weather, low crime rate, cost of living reasonable, real estate prices more attractive than in the States.