POVs – awaken
Caroline Levin | 06/16/2021

POVs is an ongoing segment categorized into different themes that touch upon important talking points of our day and age— same set of questions asked to a diversity of people...

“I do” or don’t – Intro
Caroline Levin | 06/14/2021

After having taken a queer theory course, I find myself questioning aspects of our lives we take to be inherent. It’s revisiting the vision of the world that asks “why”...

Sexual Abuse? – Intro
Caroline Levin | 03/01/2021

So often a seemingly innocent flirtation proceeds without encouragement. Until the scenario changes. The mood darkens. Communication ceases. And one suddenly faces unwelcome abuse.

Beyond 2020 – Intro
Caroline Levin | 01/07/2021

With all this past year has entailed, we want 2020 well behind us, forgotten and abandoned in a bolted meat freezer buried six feet under. But the start of 2021...

Patriotism – Intro
Caroline Levin | 09/25/2020

Patriotism has nearly morphed into a dirty word for many especially in today’s political environment. As a result of now seeing the subject in a comparative light provides the possibility...

Racism – Intro
Caroline Levin | 08/14/2020

Racism is often perceived as a problem confined to the U.S. The repercussions of slavery in this country have been witnessed though an evolving light, generation after generation.