environmental impact
Lydia Tadross Marks | 12/30/2020

At the beginning of the pandemic, the shift in human activity was dramatic. Cars were off the road, people stayed home, and the world was quiet. Our water and air...

Weekly Review Feb22
searchlight | 02/28/2020

RUSSIAN MEDDLING – Accused of meddling in 2020 election. SHISHA SHOOTINGS – Right-wing terror attack. METHANE THREAT – Oil & gas release methane in the air.

Weekly Review Feb15
searchlight | 02/23/2020

A TRILLION TREES – Can planting them help the environment. BUNGLED CORONA TESTING – Awful start against pandemic. TALIBAN TALKS – Close to an agreement with the U.S.

Greta Thunberg Hero
Lydia Tadross Marks | 01/26/2020

“How dare you?” Greta Thunberg accused global leaders last fall at the United Nations. These three, emphatically-stated words shocked the world as they further solidified her role as a Generation...

Weekly Review Dec21
searchlight | 12/26/2019

AUSTRALIAN BRUSH FIRES – Two billion indigenous animals have died. A NEW LEBANESE PM – A professor at American U. Beruit... IMPEACHMENT ARTICLES – Trial looms.

Arctic Alert
S.R. Landon | 11/24/2019

A new invasion now threatens this sparsely populated land.  Those hungry for its wealth of minerals, tempted by fossil fuel or seeking strategic access for shipping and polar defense are...

Save The Endangered
S.R. Landon | 10/07/2019

The Endangered Species Act not only protects nature but helps nurture threatened species.  But the current administration has begun to strip away protection for so many incredible forms of life...