It’s Your Problem Too
Maria Kholodova | 09/13/2021

The Russian political crisis concerns everyone. But not according to the authorities. It manifests itself in a clear movement towards an even more authoritarian and controlling government.

Elijah Glantz | 07/13/2020

Rioters, as we are taught, are thugs, hoodlums and criminals. Never, does the mainstream glorify rioters as agents of change whose voices have been systematically removed and suppressed...

Female Revolution
Aya Goraieb | 12/27/2019

I am not a writer, not a scholar, not even a student: I am a Lebanese woman. This text is an ode to all the Lebanese women of this revolution,...

Weekly Review Dec 7
searchlight | 12/10/2019

PRESIDENTIAL OBSESSIONS – Risks impeachment for obsession. FRENCH PROTEST PENSIONS – Do everything with passion. NAVAL BASE SHOOTINGS – Started by Saudi military pilot.

Weekly Review Nov 23
searchlight | 11/26/2019

FACEBOOK’S INTEGRITY? – Sasha Baron Cohen says it’d take ads from Hitler. QUID PRO QUO – Impeachment inquiry establishes facts. BOLIVIAN VIOLENCE – Post-election scene turns gruesome.