Mummy’s Duties
Irini Spyrou | 08/08/2022

My approach is that the responsibility of the Feminist is to maintain and advance the fight of those before us –to continue writing, marching, and arguing for the advancement of...

Beauty’s a Bitch
R. Levin | 06/22/2022

Arrogance is a coverup.  A lack of self-confidence that can only detract from true beauty. Results from resentment. Of any rejection. Salomé was ruled by desire and a relentless need...

“I do” or don’t – pt.2
Caroline Levin | 06/10/2021

Marriage is a celebration of love and a signaling to others the pretense of committing yourself to someone emotionally for a significant period of time both before and after the...

“I do” or don’t – pt.1
Caroline Levin | 06/07/2021

Western marriage is no longer seen as a political economic and social contract binding two families. (Although choosing a partner for economic and cultural capital remains pertinent).

Sexual Abuse? – Intro
Caroline Levin | 03/01/2021

So often a seemingly innocent flirtation proceeds without encouragement. Until the scenario changes. The mood darkens. Communication ceases. And one suddenly faces unwelcome abuse.

Women In Leadership
Lillie Laing | 01/03/2021

Why do men hold the most leadership positions? Are women discouraged from reaching the top? Do women themselves hold back and leave it to the men? Or is it history...

Only Myself, That Is All
Lillie Laing | 09/22/2020

My gaze got caught in the reflection of the glass door beside me. As I stared, so did she. She loves walking through autumn leaves like I do. She loves...

The Perfect Woman
Isabella Ranzlov | 09/22/2020

Men will have a better view of your angles if you sit like a statue. If you do happen to be one of the cursed women that does have their...

Greta Thunberg Hero
Lydia Tadross Marks | 01/26/2020

“How dare you?” Greta Thunberg accused global leaders last fall at the United Nations. These three, emphatically-stated words shocked the world as they further solidified her role as a Generation...