“I do” or don’t – pt.4
Caroline Levin | 06/12/2021

In a metaphorical sense, marriage is an actualisation of love and the feelings within a relationship. But many people get married pragmatically to prove their love is not only strong,...

“I do” or don’t – pt.3
Caroline Levin | 06/11/2021

Throughout most of the previous century, marriage would be the base of the family with a majority consisting of a working husband and a stay-at-home wife, who took care of...

“I do” or don’t – pt.2
Caroline Levin | 06/10/2021

Marriage is a celebration of love and a signaling to others the pretense of committing yourself to someone emotionally for a significant period of time both before and after the...

“I do” or don’t – pt.1
Caroline Levin | 06/07/2021

Western marriage is no longer seen as a political economic and social contract binding two families. (Although choosing a partner for economic and cultural capital remains pertinent).