Weekly Review Feb22
searchlight | 02/28/2020

RUSSIAN MEDDLING – Accused of meddling in 2020 election. SHISHA SHOOTINGS – Right-wing terror attack. METHANE THREAT – Oil & gas release methane in the air.

Weekly Review Feb15
searchlight | 02/23/2020

A TRILLION TREES – Can planting them help the environment. BUNGLED CORONA TESTING – Awful start against pandemic. TALIBAN TALKS – Close to an agreement with the U.S.

Weekly Review Feb8
searchlight | 02/18/2020

TRUMP LASHES OUT – Attacks opponents after his acquittal. FACIAL RECOGNITION ISSUE – Big brother is watching. CHINA CLAMPS DOWN – Goes for strict control on Covid-19.

Volunteering at -22°c
Carl Philip Dybwad | 02/11/2020

Others probably see me as a rather peculiar person. I never really cared, which always has been the basis of my actions from my work with campaigns or in the...

Weekly Review Feb1
searchlight | 02/09/2020

NO IMPEACHMENT WITNESSES – Republicans block. U.K. DEPARTS E.U. – Great Britain officially out. U.S. CITIZENS QUARANTINED – 14 days for those returning.

Weekly Review Jan25
searchlight | 02/02/2020

LUNAR NEW YEAR – COVID-19 curtails celebrations. HONDURAN CARAVAN – Mexico closes southern border. INJURED BY IRANIAN MISSILES – 34 with brain symptoms.