Fomenting Focus
R. Levin | 03/02/2024

Battered by a swarm of involuntary memories, my mind swats about frantically. It searches for the reason. A solid one. A conceivable one.  Reminding myself, life alone is but one...

Decisions / Choices
R. Levin | 11/23/2023

My contemporaries and I had to select a major prior to the start of our freshman year at college.   My daughter’s generation, the Gen Zers, went a step further, in...

R. Levin | 09/28/2023

Time never rests. We sleep, it doesn't. Its readout varies. With where we are. The images we see one moment are totally dependent on our state of mind. On what...

Costa Brava
R. Levin | 12/06/2022

Driving from historic Ronda to Almeria, Martina and I retrace one path of the 1930s Spanish Civil War. Then, at Mojácar, we barely elude a near fatal flash flood as...

Grasping Goya
R. Levin | 11/07/2022

Attributed to Francisco Goya's late black period, 'Pinturas Negras' fourteen (or fifteen?) works in oil are some of the most powerful ever.  Bleak, brilliant and intense, they hang in the...

Preferably Portugal
R. Levin | 10/18/2022

Today, Portugal has become an extremely popular destination for American expats. The mild weather, low crime rate, cost of living reasonable, real estate prices more attractive than in the States.

Where, When, Why
R. Levin | 10/06/2022

Already captivated by the warmth that shined through her smile, I raised my glass to catch her attention. When she tilted her head ever so slightly, I subtly nodded back...

Bongiorno Singapore
gianandrea giacomazzi | 08/17/2022

As a European, I grew up with the understanding that the government guided my choices in subtle ways. This influence was always confined to the social sphere and the relations...

Between The Waves
R. Levin | 08/12/2022

I knew Eddie from my years in Laguna Beach.  At first, we’d see each other around town but never really connected.  Later, we both sought an escape and the ocean...

Faces/Places – An Intro
Caroline Levin | 07/20/2022

I am a die-hard Anthony Bourdain (Parts Unknown) fan who seeks to portray the grander truth of our world via the storytelling of charm, warmth, and nuance in every culture/...