Weekly Review Mar21
searchlight | 03/30/2020

HOW TO GET HOME – Being stranded in a pandemic. MIGRANT SAFETY – Navies no longer search & rescue migrants. OVERWHELMED – Income losses to soar in Southern Hemisphere.

Take 2: COVID-19
Jasmine Ashley Dy | 03/28/2020

Fact and Fiction, Caution and Fear. In times of uncertainty, the lines continue to blur each and every day; in the context of this novel coronavirus, they blur with each...

COVID-19 in Mexico
Maria Lee | 03/25/2020

March 16th, as Mexico faced 82 confirmed and 171 suspected coronavirus cases, the country’s president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), walked into his routine morning press conference...

Weekly Review Mar14
searchlight | 03/25/2020

SPAIN ON LOCKDOWN – A state of emergency declared. US-EURO TRAVEL BAN – Europe to U.S. travel severely restricted. 11-YR. BULL MARKET OVER – A swift drop from a record...

Weekly Review Mar7
searchlight | 03/15/2020

COLLEGES SHUT DOWN – Classes cancelled for Covid-19. SYRIAN CEASE FIRE – Erdogan & Putin meet in Moscow. VIRUS CLOSES CULTURE – Museums shuttered, concerts postponed.

Perceptions & Opinions
Isaiah Lowney-Piazzalunga | 03/08/2020

I remember a brief phase in my primary school education where I would stick a pencil between my thumb and index finger and rock my hand — my fingers crucially...

Weekly Review Feb29
searchlight | 03/03/2020

VIRUS MARKET EFFECT – Stocks crash, a double whammy. TURKEY OPENS BORDER – Syrian refugees at risk. COVID BLAME GAME – Trump cries: another Democrat hoax.

Biden, Sanders
Caroline Levin | 03/02/2020

As 2020 elections draw near, Trump’s Presidency has held symbolic weight in rejecting the values we as a nation seemingly stand by. His administration features rollbacks not policy...