Afghan Withdrawal
Elijah Glantz | 08/07/2021

The American War in Afghanistan, American president Joe Biden announced, would conclude on September 11th, 2021 - the twentieth anniversary of the catalyst of the Afghan War, September 11th, 2001.

Coral Dilemma
Elijah Glantz | 11/15/2020

Fiery Cross Island, a manmade outpost in the South China Sea, serves as home to a complex military installation with high-end radar and missile defense systems and a small platoon...

Weekly Review Jan11
searchlight | 01/14/2020

IRAN DOWNS UKRAINIAN PLANE – "A disastrous mistake". PELOSI TO SEND ARTICLES – Plans to go forward. FRENCH PROTESTS CONTINUE – Thousands still going strong.

Weekly Review Jan4
searchlight | 01/05/2020

U.S. CHALLENGES IRAN - Missiles take out Gen. Soleimani. AUSTRALIAN FIRES BLAZE – Disaster worsens. People fleeing en mass. NORTH KOREA MISSILES – Kim ends voluntary test ban.