this is recovered
Caroline Levin | 09/30/2021

I haven’t thought about anorexia too much lately— at least my own dealing with it. Food has increasingly become … just food. Exercise is movement that spikes some dopamine. My...

Sexual Abuse? – pt2
Caroline Levin | 02/20/2021

In France, many movements, thanks to social medias and feminist associations, have legitimized the speech of victims and expanded the people's understanding of sexual assaults.

Sexual Abuse? – pt1
Caroline Levin | 02/18/2021

I never personally had to seek justice but have heard from friends about violence to which they were exposed. Some got harassed, grabbed without consent or in the worst cases,...

Domestic Abuse
Isabella Ranzlov | 12/30/2020

As 2020 comes to a close, the breath everyone seemed to be holding is being let out.  It’s been a year of change. Governmental, social and even environmental change has...

this is recovering
Caroline Levin | 12/30/2020

Eating disorders are tricky. They camp at the intersection of body and mind: a mental illness with potentially life-threatening consequences. With anorexia... sickly weight loss is but the tip of...

Michelle Brucker | 09/29/2020

The late Ruth Bader Ginsburg's efforts helped recognize pregnancy discrimination in the workplace, which in turn led to the implementation of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act.

Shattering The Glass
Ava Kalinauskas | 01/20/2020

The American dream is for everyone: people of all races and religions, men, women, immigrants, LGBT people, and people with disabilities... We have still not shattered that glass ceiling, but…

Female Revolution
Aya Goraieb | 12/27/2019

I am not a writer, not a scholar, not even a student: I am a Lebanese woman. This text is an ode to all the Lebanese women of this revolution,...

Artists & Women
R. Levin | 12/08/2019

Some artists have a strong social voice that speaks out about the times. It clearly needs to be heard. More than a century before the Me Too Movement took hold,...

Why Abortion is…
Isabella Ranzlov | 09/08/2019

People are taught that everyone needs a little space every now and then, but lately, they have taken it upon themselves to insert their opinion – and their nose –...