Women In Leadership
Lillie Laing | 01/03/2021

Why do men hold the most leadership positions? Are women discouraged from reaching the top? Do women themselves hold back and leave it to the men? Or is it history...

Expansion Is Oppression
Niki Monazzam | 10/20/2020

The documentary, The 13th, explores the roots and expansion of the American prison system that has become a tool of systemic racism, particularly in how it relates to the oppression...

Michelle Brucker | 09/29/2020

The late Ruth Bader Ginsburg's efforts helped recognize pregnancy discrimination in the workplace, which in turn led to the implementation of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act.

Dream Or Illusion
R. Levin | 09/25/2020

“Is the American Dream at the expense of the American Negro?” 55 years after James Baldwin’s historic Cambridge address, the issue still remains. We ask: can racism ever become a...

Shattering The Glass
Ava Kalinauskas | 01/20/2020

The American dream is for everyone: people of all races and religions, men, women, immigrants, LGBT people, and people with disabilities... We have still not shattered that glass ceiling, but…

New York Schools
Runnie Exuma | 01/15/2020

Specialized high schools are emblematic of the city’s serious need for integration, as the rate of black and brown students present in these “elite” spaces declines dramatically each year...

March of A Minority
Michelle Brucker | 01/07/2020

“Dia is my name”, she giggled, “it means eyes in Kurdish”. If you have tried keeping up with international headlines at any point within the last five years, you may...

Australian Racism
Ava Kalinauskas | 12/28/2019

Conversations about origin raised more questions than answers for me. Clearly, white Australia’s black history cannot be ignored, as I have carried with me feelings of national guilt and shame...

Hate Crime Epidemic
Caroline Levin | 09/26/2019

Although times have changed, the underlying philosophical thread that serves to assume we hate because we fear or because we believe to be victims of our own version of history...