Weekly Review Nov 23
searchlight | 11/26/2019

FACEBOOK’S INTEGRITY? – Sasha Baron Cohen says it’d take ads from Hitler. QUID PRO QUO – Impeachment inquiry establishes facts. BOLIVIAN VIOLENCE – Post-election scene turns gruesome.

1960s Are Today
S.R. Landon | 11/25/2019

In the 1960s, from Paris to Prague, Woodstock to the Isle of Wight, young people spoke out in protest.  Today's students are again a significant force.  Their resources must be...

Arctic Alert
S.R. Landon | 11/24/2019

A new invasion now threatens this sparsely populated land.  Those hungry for its wealth of minerals, tempted by fossil fuel or seeking strategic access for shipping and polar defense are...

Weekly Review Nov 16
searchlight | 11/21/2019

CLIMATE ACCORD NOTICE – Trump announces withdrawal. IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS BEGIN – An official public inquiry under way. HIGHER TARIFFS – If U.S.-China trade war persists.

Hong Kong Upheaval
Caroline Levin | 11/18/2019

After five months of ongoing street protests, the momentum has shifted. Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement has made major gains in the Chinese territory's district council elections...

Weekly Review Nov 9
searchlight | 11/17/2019

WHY QUIT CLIMATE ACCORD? – Trump has given the UN notice. SEA LEVELS RISING – A challenge to human civilization. UK CREDIT RATINGS – Projected downgrade to "negative".

Lebanon Awakening
Samir Makdisi | 11/12/2019

Lebanon’s political system's designated ethnic roles has it forever locked into partial paralysis. Popular uprisings that began in October mark a major turning point in the country’s history...

Weekly Review Nov 2
searchlight | 11/08/2019

IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY ADVANCES – Proceedings to begin. WORLD VEGAN DAY – Celebrate the benefits. LEBANON'S PM RESIGNS – Bows to protests of hundreds of thousands.

The Butterfly Effect
S.R. Landon | 11/07/2019

Anything refreshingly straightforward in life can be equally perplexing.  Rather than seeing things as they are, we see them as we are.  So, unhappy people might believe any change has...

Weekly Review Oct 26
searchlight | 11/06/2019

39 MIGRANTS DEAD – In refrigerated trailer. CALIFORNIA ABLAZE – Terrifying wildfires; huge evacuations. GLOBAL YOUTH PROTESTS – Hong Kong to Lebanon; India to Chile.