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Beyond 2020 pt6– U.S.

This experience made people both narrower minded and open minded. It acted as a double-edged sword, both uniting citizens but also creating confined bubbles where it's easy to forget the rest of the world exists. 

Beyond 2020 p5– Sweden

Everyone struggled with highly personal issues –mental or physical health, breakdown of one’s structure or economy, fear of one’s death or the passing of a loved one added to existing concerns.

Beyond 2020 pt4– Canada

This past year was an impactful one with a global health crisis and massive civil rights movements. The pandemic highlighted not only societal inequalities in access to health care but economic ones.

Beyond 2020 pt3– Sweden

The incredible pace and extent to which fundamental, revolutionary change has been brought about. This partly, of course, as a result of the virus itself. We know now that no means are off the table.

Beyond 2020 pt2– Italy

Beginning 2020 honestly was the best time of our lives. Then it went from partying and socializing to quarantining at home. One lesson I got was not to take anything for granted.

Beyond 2020 pt1– Brazil

The impact of the pandemic on life in Brazil and one's outlook for the future. We came to understand just how connected the world is and also how much we are still at the mercy of our own environment.

Beyond 2020 – Intro

With all this past year has entailed, we want 2020 well behind us, forgotten and abandoned in a bolted meat freezer buried six feet under. But the start of 2021 is not looking much different. Not yet.

Meeting the Parents

Welcome to the year 2060. AI is not only the king but a second norm, robotics (those electronically automated) rule yet the play is still the thing. Emily and her AI boyfriend face up to her mother.

U.S. Russia 2021

Russo-American relations will likely sour under the incoming Biden administration. ‘Good’ or ‘improved’ relations with the Russian Federation may not be in the United States’ best interest.

Women In Leadership

Why do men hold the most leadership positions? Are women discouraged from reaching the top? Do women themselves hold back and leave it to the men? Or is it history that is ruining our chances?

Domestic Abuse

As 2020 comes to a close, the breath everyone seemed to be holding is being let out.  It’s been a year of change. Governmental, social and even environmental change has shaken the earth this year.

East to the Sun

We were arrogant, ignorant, totally unprepared.  Disaster struck hard.  We let it.  Shame on us.  Narcissism, greed and selfishness took over. Fools ruled. Never again. No looking back.