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Digital Darkness

In mid-December, one of America’s largest hacks on record occurred . The U.S. Treasury and Department of Defense reported an attack-of-unknown-magnitude on their servers and data centers.

A Quarantine Diary

At the beginning of quarantine, my diary was full of to-do lists.  For example: No 4 PM disaster nap!; Read 1 hour; Something artsy 1 hour; Stats problems 1, 2. All dutifully crossed off except... 

our 2020 favorites

Our editors found R.B.G. A TRIBUTE, POVs BIENVENUE and DREAM OR ILLUSION particularly worthy of revisiting. Each article reflects a fresh view of events, perspectives and/or opinion.

Coral Dilemma

Fiery Cross Island, a manmade outpost in the South China Sea, serves as home to a complex military installation with high-end radar and missile defense systems and a small platoon of Chinese servicemen.

Black Solidarity

To drink from the plastic bag, it meant to put its tip to my mouth, bring my two front teeth to bite. Then to face its test of gravity meant accountability: hugging the bag to your mouth, so as not to spare a drop.

Shattered Lens

A trail of fresh impressions scar the ash.  Two sets of footprints – one female, one male.  Ginny and I, the only two humans. Not another anywhere. Blood drips from a slight cut on my forehead.

Stop The Count

Stop the count of leaves in snow. Stop the count of sunbeams off the unfrozen river. It is still autumn, you fear what comes next. Stop the count of the dead and leave them in the street.

Burnished Figments

Halloween is fast approaching. I am a half-chewed bone and it is a salivating hound running me down. It is a besotted pigeon and I'm a dry, dry breadcrumb. So I run to the grocery store for a pumpkin.

Robotic Dreams

Cruising through another post-pandemic day.  I stopped counting.  Another 24 marked with measured caution.  Resembles life on another planet.  Or inhabiting an ever-evolving cosmos.

Expansion Is Oppression

The documentary, The 13th, explores the roots and expansion of the American prison system that has become a tool of systemic racism, particularly in how it relates to the oppression of black Americans.

Diplomatic Turns

To the Europeans' credit, they already envision a change and anticipate the positive impact a November 3rd, Joe Biden presidential victory will have on future U.S. – European Union relations.


The late Ruth Bader Ginsburg's efforts helped recognize pregnancy discrimination in the workplace, which in turn led to the implementation of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act.