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Weekly Review Mar14

SPAIN ON LOCKDOWN – A state of emergency declared. US-EURO TRAVEL BAN – Europe to U.S. travel severely restricted. 11-YR. BULL MARKET OVER – A swift drop from a record high.

Weekly Review Mar7

COLLEGES SHUT DOWN – Classes cancelled for Covid-19. SYRIAN CEASE FIRE – Erdogan & Putin meet in Moscow. VIRUS CLOSES CULTURE – Museums shuttered, concerts postponed.

Perceptions & Opinions

I remember a brief phase in my primary school education where I would stick a pencil between my thumb and index finger and rock my hand — my fingers crucially loose — in a half-circular motion...

Weekly Review Feb29

VIRUS MARKET EFFECT – Stocks crash, a double whammy. TURKEY OPENS BORDER – Syrian refugees at risk. COVID BLAME GAME – Trump cries: another Democrat hoax.

Biden, Sanders

As 2020 elections draw near, Trump’s Presidency has held symbolic weight in rejecting the values we as a nation seemingly stand by. His administration features rollbacks not policy...

Weekly Review Feb22

RUSSIAN MEDDLING – Accused of meddling in 2020 election. SHISHA SHOOTINGS – Right-wing terror attack. METHANE THREAT – Oil & gas release methane in the air.

Weekly Review Feb15

A TRILLION TREES – Can planting them help the environment. BUNGLED CORONA TESTING – Awful start against pandemic. TALIBAN TALKS – Close to an agreement with the U.S.

Weekly Review Feb8

TRUMP LASHES OUT – Attacks opponents after his acquittal. FACIAL RECOGNITION ISSUE – Big brother is watching. CHINA CLAMPS DOWN – Goes for strict control on Covid-19.

Volunteering at -22°c

Others probably see me as a rather peculiar person. I never really cared, which always has been the basis of my actions from my work with campaigns or in the circularity (cause and effect) field...

Weekly Review Feb1

NO IMPEACHMENT WITNESSES – Republicans block. U.K. DEPARTS E.U. – Great Britain officially out. U.S. CITIZENS QUARANTINED – 14 days for those returning.

Weekly Review Jan25

LUNAR NEW YEAR – COVID-19 curtails celebrations. HONDURAN CARAVAN – Mexico closes southern border. INJURED BY IRANIAN MISSILES – 34 with brain symptoms.

Greta Thunberg Hero

“How dare you?” Greta Thunberg accused global leaders last fall at the United Nations. These three, emphatically-stated words shocked the world as they further solidified her role as a Generation Z icon...