BLM and P.O.C. in France

The BLM movement has taken magnitude...  we’re able to be well aware that the attacks on people, the attacks on human rights committed in one country or another are well beyond the color of one’s skin.

Housing Inequality

Without inherited wealth, access to opportunity and right to move into thriving, more stable neighborhoods, Black wealth has remained abysmally low. Renting was rarely a choice, rather the only viable solution...

Racism pt2 – Senegal

I’ve always been exposed to diversity, having grown up in a multicultural home and studing at a school with International students. In France, we must first and foremost begin teaching the colonial history.


Rioters, as we are taught, are thugs, hoodlums and criminals. Never, does the mainstream glorify rioters as agents of change whose voices have been systematically removed and suppressed...

Racism pt1 – Belgium

I believed Belgium wasn’t doing too bad in terms of discrimination and racism, but that was merely due to the lack of media coverage surrounding these issues, and... which type of school I went to.

Existentialist Plague

In reaction to the current global pandemic, French philosopher Albert Camus' 1947 novel The Plague, timely once more, has suddenly soared to number twenty-five on the French best seller list...

Weekly Review Apr18

ANONYMITY GONE – Protect privacy or save lives. BILL GATES VS. VIRUS – Money, research, and conscience. NOTRE DAME 1 YR. ON – Pandemic slows rebuilding start.

Weekly Review Apr11

TWO DEADLY VIRUSES – Covid Pandemic & racism. BERNIE QUITS RACE – Early Democratic leader out. FRENCH LOCKDOWN – Extended and suburbs simmer.

Weekly Review Apr4

FACE MASK DEBATE – White House: whether or not to wear. BIZ LOAN RUSH – Existing customers main priority. FARM STAFF ESSENTIAL – Workers needed but with benefits.

Populism Polarized

With the recent populist political support in Europe, one readily associates populism as synonymous with the far-right. However, not being an ideology, it can't be linked to one side or the other...

Weekly Review Mar28

NOWHERE TO RUN – Pandemic locks women in with their abusers. THE PM GOT COVID – Boris Johnson tested positive. BOARD ME UP – Can plywood barriers defend luxury retail?

Weekly Review Mar21

HOW TO GET HOME – Being stranded in a pandemic. MIGRANT SAFETY – Navies no longer search & rescue migrants. OVERWHELMED – Income losses to soar in Southern Hemisphere.