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Weekly Review Feb1

NO IMPEACHMENT WITNESSES – Republicans block. U.K. DEPARTS E.U. – Great Britain officially out. U.S. CITIZENS QUARANTINED – 14 days for those returning.

Weekly Review Jan25

LUNAR NEW YEAR – COVID-19 curtails celebrations. HONDURAN CARAVAN – Mexico closes southern border. INJURED BY IRANIAN MISSILES – 34 with brain symptoms.

Greta Thunberg Hero

“How dare you?” Greta Thunberg accused global leaders last fall at the United Nations. These three, emphatically-stated words shocked the world as they further solidified her role as a Generation Z icon...

Shattering The Glass

The American dream is for everyone: people of all races and religions, men, women, immigrants, LGBT people, and people with disabilities... We have still not shattered that glass ceiling, but…

Weekly Review Jan18

IMPEACHMENT MANAGERS – Seven to make the case. AXED ON HER BIRTHDAY – Michelle O's nutritional program out. MONA LISA ON STRIKE! – Protestors keep Louvre closed.

New York Schools

Specialized high schools are emblematic of the city’s serious need for integration, as the rate of black and brown students present in these “elite” spaces declines dramatically each year...

Weekly Review Jan11

IRAN DOWNS UKRAINIAN PLANE – "A disastrous mistake". PELOSI TO SEND ARTICLES – Plans to go forward. FRENCH PROTESTS CONTINUE – Thousands still going strong.

March of A Minority

“Dia is my name”, she giggled, “it means eyes in Kurdish”. If you have tried keeping up with international headlines at any point within the last five years, you may have seen a picture of a refugee camp...

Weekly Review Jan4

U.S. CHALLENGES IRAN - Missiles take out Gen. Soleimani. AUSTRALIAN FIRES BLAZE – Disaster worsens. People fleeing en mass. NORTH KOREA MISSILES – Kim ends voluntary test ban.

Weekly Review Dec28

NEW RUSSIAN WEAPON – Hypersonic deployed. SPOTIFY TIGHTENS ADS – Pauses political advertising. PARTY BACKS NETANYAHU – Israeli PM's fight to remain in office.

Australian Racism

Conversations about origin raised more questions than answers for me. Clearly, white Australia’s black history cannot be ignored, as I have carried with me feelings of national guilt and shame...

Female Revolution

I am not a writer, not a scholar, not even a student: I am a Lebanese woman. This text is an ode to all the Lebanese women of this revolution, and all women who have ever been part of a revolution. This is for you...