Isaiah Lowney-Piazzalunga | 08/18/2020

The small green bottle circled around, clanging against the prop-up breakfast-in-bed type table, which he’d set up next to his relatively inert and positively relaxed body. He was not exactly...

Existentialist Plague
Jeanne Briatte | 04/27/2020

In reaction to the current global pandemic, French philosopher Albert Camus' 1947 novel The Plague, timely once more, has suddenly soared to number twenty-five on the French best seller list...

Weekly Review Mar7
searchlight | 03/15/2020

COLLEGES SHUT DOWN – Classes cancelled for Covid-19. SYRIAN CEASE FIRE – Erdogan & Putin meet in Moscow. VIRUS CLOSES CULTURE – Museums shuttered, concerts postponed.

Perceptions & Opinions
Isaiah Lowney-Piazzalunga | 03/08/2020

I remember a brief phase in my primary school education where I would stick a pencil between my thumb and index finger and rock my hand — my fingers crucially...

Artists & Women
S.R. Landon | 12/08/2019

Some artists have a strong social voice that speaks out about the times. It clearly needs to be heard. More than a century before the Me Too Movement took hold,...

1960s Are Today
S.R. Landon | 11/25/2019

In the 1960s, from Paris to Prague, Woodstock to the Isle of Wight, young people spoke out in protest.  Today's students are again a significant force.  Their resources must be...

Arctic Alert
S.R. Landon | 11/24/2019

A new invasion now threatens this sparsely populated land.  Those hungry for its wealth of minerals, tempted by fossil fuel or seeking strategic access for shipping and polar defense are...

Weekly Review Nov 16
searchlight | 11/21/2019

CLIMATE ACCORD NOTICE – Trump announces withdrawal. IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS BEGIN – An official public inquiry under way. HIGHER TARIFFS – If U.S.-China trade war persists.